Go Rescue

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN SELECTED IN BITA 2017 (BEST INNOVATION IT AWARDS). BITA is a competition that is held in COMSATS ISLAMABAD every year where innovative ideas are recognized and the efforts of students are appreciated.

The project is about developing an android application for providing assistance to the rescue organizations working in Pakistan. It would also provide quick menu for usability to complainants/victims with which the victims of an accident or the complainant (people reporting from the spot) can send rescue request which would be attended by an organization nearby (Rescue 1122 currently).

The system that is currently being used by rescue is wireless system. Rescue teams communicate with hospitals through wireless system and rescue teams then communicate to ambulance that is sent to place of disaster. The basic flaw in this system is that we do not have any real time monitoring of ambulance (We do not know exactly where the ambulance is). So such system is needed that can give real time monitoring of ambulance. Recently applications are developed to rescue wild life in case of disaster. “IFAW Wildlife Rescue App” is an application that connects people to nearest rescue team or organization at the touch of a button to help native wildlife [1]. Similarly “EMNet findERnow” is an application that locates near hospital with respect to need of a patient [2].

The process of requesting and GUI of application would be simple for the complainants/victims and organizations. The rescue team can also install such application on touch pad’s of vehicles, tables or smart phones through which they would be guided regarding location of the complainants/victim and hospitals near to them after attending complainants/victim.