Digital Assistant For Visually Impaired People

Around 1.6 Million people in Pakistan are visually impaired. Different organizations like PAKISTAN ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND (NATIONAL) and AZIZ JEHAN BEGUM TRUST FOR THE BLIND are working for the most deprived community of our country. Visually impaired people are mostly dependent on someone else in performing their day to day tasks. We aim to make them independent up to some extent. The project that we are working on is to develop an android based smart phone application for the visually impaired community. Instead of being a usual application to guide the user about traversing a path, this application will help the user to experience the real-time happenings and true colors of the world. While using the application/device, the user will capture images through voice commands. The application will analyze and translate the images taken from a device to speech and describe what the person/s in the captured image is/are doing, how old they are, and what emotions they’re expressing. The application will be controlled through voice as well as tap localization/gesture based commands. The user has to do nothing except giving voice commands and use the smartphone for his/her needs. The application will also be able to read the content available on the screen with the help of tapping on the icon. From phone accessibility to scene description this application is a complete package for the visually impaired users. We may not be able to give them their vision back to them but at least we can help them to experience what they are deprived of.